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During the BSUFN Symposium: The Diversity of Food Research held on the 4th of February 2015, doctoral student Rachael Taylor (SPRU, University of Sussex) presented one of the research methods she used when working with illiterate farmers in Northern Ghana. This is a  summary of her presentation.

Farmers as Producers … of Data: Participation and Visual Ethnography

Using Participatory Research Methods

Participatory research methods are increasing in popularity within development research as they give participants ownership of part of the research process. This has highlighted ethical issues raised by participation including equality, working with marginalised groups, and the extraction of data.

A photo taken by a farmer in Upper West Region, Ghana A photo taken by a farmer in Upper West Region, Ghana

During Doctoral fieldwork in Northern Ghana, farmer groups were given cameras as part of the participatory research methods. Through the cameras, farmers became producers of data by photographing things they considered to capture concepts of change or importance…

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