Shadrack Agaki

I have no doubt in my mind about the next revolution that has started boiling from the western countries, starting from reconsideration of aid to African countries. How effective it has been, how many lives have been changed. According to my analysis the aid has done the bare minimum. It has come a time where we have started reconfiguring, our minds to social enterprise. The double bottom line is part of the objectives that we are working to achieve as young people.

Getting the sense of such terms as conscious capitalism, you get the idea that the pride arrogance by the blue chip companies no longer has a place in society. In fact I agree with Dev Aujla, that we are a lucky generation living in a luck time. When I just think of my interaction with Paul Polak , Mal Warwick , Wendy Koppy of teach for America, Jordan…

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The  organization of African Youth (OAYouth) is a registered pan African youth movement that unifies,empowers,and represents young people in Africa;bringing together and spearheading youth led development towards achieving sustainable and just communities with our partners we organized a a youth policy under the theme “Prioritizing an investment in youth development in the post-2015 era,”

The meeting aims at gathering and strengthening political commitment for governments to support prioritizing investment in youth development in the post-2015 era.

The Key thematic areas we are focusing include:

(1) Sustainable Development Goals in context:The post 2015 Agenda process and contributions of young people

(2) Youth Inclusion in post 2015 Agenda: A call for specific goal on youth and trans-formative agenda

(3) Assessing the African Union African Youth Decade plan of Action in the context of African Union Agenda 2063

(4) Youth Health and well being.

(5) Full Employment and Entrepreneurship

(6) Education for all…

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Call for papers: policies for gender-equitable participation in dairy value chains in Sub-Saharan Africa

ILRI policies, instititions and livelihoods program

On 21-24 September 2014, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) together with the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) will host an African Dairy Value Chain Seminar. The discussions of the four-day event which will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi will focus on three broad topics:
i. Conducive policies to foster sustainable dairy value chain development in Africa
ii. Review and assessment of methods and tools for capacity development of dairy value chain actors
iii. Review and assessment of analytical models and tools to measure the performance of dairy value chains

In a continent where women make up more than two-third of the agricultural production and livestock contributes about 30% of the gross value of agricultural production, gender issues in the dairy sector are among the important issues that must be considered in policy options.

The seminar organizers seek to…

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15 Steps To Moderating a Twitter Chat


Jemila -  Twitter chat moderator expert reading through her tweets. Jemila – Twitter chat moderator expert reading through her tweets.

Tweet Chats (Twitter Chats) are real time/live conversations held on issues of interest. They are opportunities to engage and converse with other Twitter users on relatable topics. Of course, they are held on Twitter!  Here are 15 things to consider when moderating a Twitter Chat:

  1. Purpose of the chat: Ask yourself what you want to achieve with the chat and what you want participants to learn from the chat.
  2. Develop and create engaging questions or topic: The main topic for the chat/debate should sound interesting for people to join the chat. Ask “How” and “Why” questions and not “Can” questions. The former allows for more contribution from participants while the latter restricts people to either agree or disagree with the topic. In the case of Twitter debates, “Can” questions are employed, but are typically followed up with “Why” for further…

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