International Youth Day 2015: “ Inspiring Youth Civic Engagement Is Not A One Time Effort”


The home is reckoned as the very first institution a child is formed. In essence, civic engagement begins when parents assign roles to children in the home to ensure that everyone contributes their quota to building a peaceful and comfortable home. Civic engagement also occurs at the work place when employers and employees outline individual responsibilities for spurring the growth and development of the company. Essentially, every action or inaction weighs heavily on the scale of improvement and every man; woman or child is accountable for consistently promoting progress.

As the 5th year of the International Youth Day ushers us into a period of recognizing and celebrating youth, every quarter around the world will stand to showcase the bountiful opportunities available through channels young people can maximize to take action on issues, first in their locale and by extension, the global community. It projects the unifying power of…

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The Twitter Rules you may not realise you’ve been breaking.

The Online Academic

Rules — if you don’t know them then how do you know you’re breaking them? Here are some highlights of the Twitter Rules that you may not realise you’ve been breaking!

Twitter Rules and Best Practices

The internet is host to many products and services and Twitter, like all the other internet companies, try to make sure its users adhere to certain rules and regulations. How often do you click ‘yes’ when agreeing to Terms and Conditions on an internet product without having read any of it? While my trust is in the product and name of the company, and this might override my decision to read ToCs, I should consider my own conduct too.

Twitter have an easy to follow page, The Twitter Rules, on their Help Centre website, so it’s worth taking a quick look if you haven’t done so already since it could save you a bit of…

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