Entomology Today

By Richard Levine

At last year’s annual meeting of the National Association of Science Writers, the 800 attendees were asked to write the names of their scientific heroes on their name tags. I’m here now in Cambridge, MA for the 2015 meeting and there is no such space on the name tags this year, so I’m going to write about it here.

Richard Levine

The timing of this is significant because tomorrow I am flying to Des Moines, Iowa for the World Food Prize event, which was created by Dr. Norman Borlaug in 1986. After he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970, Dr. Borlaug noticed that there was no Nobel prize for agriculture, so he established the World Food Prize, which is given annually to a scientist who has made great contributions towards solving hunger problems in the world, especially in developing countries.

The man who saved a billion…

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