Tim Doherty

Source: https://iidastudents.wordpress.com/2011/03/04/a-lesson-in-social-media-for-emerging-professionals/ Source: https://iidastudents.wordpress.com/

Today I was lucky enough to present at the InSPiRE conference in Perth, Western Australia. InSPiRE stands for Inter-University School Postgraduate Research Excellence. The conference is run by AWARE (Advancing Western Australian Research Education), which is a collaboration between the graduate research schools of WA’s five universities. InSPiRE runs over five days and was attended by more than 200 post-grad students from the five unis.

My talk was titled “Harnessing the power of both traditional and social media for research promotion“. In a nutshell, I discussed strategies for research promotion that include engagement with journalists, tips for interviews, using online news outlets (e.g. The Conversation) and the benefits of Twitter.

I have put together a list of resources that provide some really useful information on using different types of media for research communication. The scope is biased towards the sciences, but the information is relevant to all disciplines. The…

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