From the People's Market

While tobacco production has attracted more than 100 000 growers over the past few years, the following trends have been silently underway during the same period:

  1. Competition has been intensifying between major suppliers of horticulture seed (East West, Charter Seeds, Prime Seeds (now part of Seed Co), National Tested Seeds, Pedi stock and Seed & Water). This competition has resulted in wide choice for informed farmers but confusion for un-informed farmers in terms of what variety to grow and why. The local seed companies have also tightened their relationships with big international companies who remain a major source of parent seed.
  2. More hybrids are trying to replace Open Pollinated Varieties (OPVs) in horticulture. There are now hybrids in onion, tomato, cabbage and peppers. In potatoes, hybrids are in the form of improved varieties like Mondial which are replacing BP1, Amatheist and Jaspar, among others.  When growing BP1 a very good…

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