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Today, eminent psychologist and TEDTalks star Philip Zimbardo (see his talks on evil and the paradox of time) agreed to answer TED’s Facebook fans’ questions on Absolutely Anything — and he did! Read on:

Does time orientation influence which children become bullies? — Kathy Hermanv

Interesting question, but there’s no research on this relationship. Bullies are often people who are shy and can’t make friends easily, so, as the theme of the movie A Bronx Tale tells us, it is better to be feared if you can’t be loved. They substitute dominance for social support, and may have been abused earlier so carry on the use of power in dealing with others. They graduate onto becoming workplace bullies and making many other worker’s lives miserable. However, bullies may be the perpetrators of evil but it is the evil of passivity of all those who know what is happening…

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