Mind Bursts

  1. To disseminate research.
  2. Towards supports journalism.
  3. Towards a book. Even a thesis or paper.
  4. Thought leadership.
  5. Reputational. A career move for others to know what you have to say, for media and academia.
  6. To express a personal opinion rather than that of your subject expertise or institution.
  7. Social media marketing – to promote your work, as a lecturer, educator and professional academic writer.
  8. To support students: a place for lecture notes and reflection on lectures and tutorials.
  9. For followers and fans.
  10. PR for the faculty – though corporate blogging is directed, needs to be on brief, and is ideally undertaken through the communications department.
  11. Recruitment to the faculty, course and module.
  12. As part of a learning community. As a like mind.
  13. To take part, to be a player and participant.
  14. Tenure
  15. To develop digital literacy skills.
  16. In different formats: not just text and images, but video and audio too of lectures…

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