Participants who attended the recent call for proposal write-shop in Uganda Participants who attended the recently closed call for proposal write-shop in Uganda

As part of efforts to ensure effective partnerships with user-led processes and thus engage in articulating demand for relevant research and capacity building, RUFORUM is an active partner and leader of Work Package – Capacities in the EU-supported project “Platform for African-European Partnerships for Research and Development (PAEPARD). The PAEPARD Project is led by the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA); and brings together several organisations in Africa and Europe. RUFORUM and ICRA, have strategically used this platform to engage over 30 consortia to promote interaction between academia, researchers and end-users, including the regional farmers’ organisations under the umbrella of the Pan-African Farmer Organisation (PAFO). These interactions require resources (both human and financial) to remain sustainable and the different teams have had several opportunities to develop project proposals.

One such opportunity was during the week of 16…

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