Dealing with epilepsy

Another crossroad in the life of a graduate or that of an unemployed person is receiving the offer. You smile, scream and say that you`re saved.

But what happens when you receive two (or more) offers? In Greg`s case, the problem was that he has to choose between a well-paid, but meaningless, hateful job and a job that he would love, but with far less money. After months of receiving unemployment aid and barely surface, he has a very tough choice ahead.

Greg has thought about it, weighing advantages and disadvantages, creating SWOT`s and everything that a person who has a choice in front of it will do.

imagesTwo months have passed and he decided. He`ll take the well-paid job for a couple of years and, after that, he will do what he loved to do. It was a compromise willing to make. Calling up the company, he was…

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