The GIBS Blog (Gordon Institute of Business Science)

by Samantha Stauf

Source:, October 10, 2014

As a manager, you personify the very values of the company you represent, whether you want to or not.  You are the physical manifestation of all the values that serve as the pillars of your organization.  It sounds like a heavy load when put that way, but in the end, it is the truth.  On a large number of exit surveys across a wide span of professions, many employees will list a grievance with management as the main cause of their departure. In effect, the employees may absolutely love the work they do, but not their management.  So what exactly is the problem?  The answer can vary depending on the situation, so in order for a small business manager to be successful, there are a few key skills that they need to develop.

While it is true that managers will need to…

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