“The future of Medical education is no longer blood and guts, it is bits and bytes.” Gorman PJ.

Gorman, a Stanford University scholar made that statement almost one and  a half decades ago at the turn of this century. He also went on to predict a future highly driven by technology; breaking physical and geographical barriers and building a connected world in medicine, education, entertainment and all other spheres of our lives.

As I go about my life each day; Never far from my laptop, mobile phone in hand, a tablet while on the move and WiFi hot spots at every turn, there’s no doubt that we are living in the future earlier predicted.

Image 5.2        Image 5.1

Social media and messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp have, by far, generated the greatest transformation in global communication.

With over 20 million mobile phone users and over 6 million people…

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