The July 2015 issue of the international journal Gender & Development will look at Inequalities.

G&D is published for Oxfam by Routledge/Taylor and Francis, and is essential reading for international development researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. G&D is currently read in over 90 countries. It is published as an online/print journal at www.tandfonline.com/gad. Content is also available free: access online at www.genderanddevelopment.org

Currently, economic inequality is rising rapidly in some of the fastest-growing countries of the global South. Inequality is also increasing in countries of the global North, after a century in which policy measures including state welfare had made inroads into the inequality of the nineteenth century which was a source of moral outrage for politicians and philanthropists. Poverty for a majority, with extreme wealth for a tiny elite, is the scandal of our times, and is linked to a host of social, political and economic ills, including…

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