Participation Dictionary


The participation of diverse stakeholders in a matter most times involves conflict of interests. In this scenario, in order to reach consensus, negotiation might be needed. However, in order to achieve a better outcome for all those involved, people need to be aware of their position in relation to others and also to understand other’s needs and position.

Net_map 1netmap jenny

Thinking about how to manage those conflicts, Dr. Eva Schiffer created the net-mapping toolbox. Net-mapping is mapping tool based in interviewed, and helps people understand, visualize, discuss and improve situations in which many different actors influence outcomes (Schiffer, 2007). This tool helps to determine: what actors are involved in a given network; how are they linked; how influential they are; and, what are their goals.

Here is a video that can help better understanding this tool:

This tool can be used as a way of finding common ground on highly debated…

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