Young Farmers' Clubs (Zimbabwe)


Fit for Life Fact SheetFit for Life Fact SheetFit for Life Fact Sheet. (Pdf Format)

Fit for Life is an ongoing groundbreaking project that aims to provide access to non-formal education for up to 15 000 Zimbabwean youth as a foundation for a productive future.

What is it about?

  • It provides a unique “bridging education” module that combines needs-based literacy/numeracy training with agricultural training.
  • It aims to provide agricultural based technical education which will in turn increase productivity and thereby self sustainability, income generation and employability among the participants. In addition, their communities benefit indirectly through the re-emphasis of the importance of education and skills development in creating a future for their children, while at the same time curbing the negative effects of youth without viable economic prospects.

Why agriculture?

  • The agricultural sector was deliberately chosen for its vast, but under utilised economic potential and relevance to rural…

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