Rising Continent

ZimbabweAcross Africa, wherever you go these days in the majority of countries on the continent, there are signs of “development,” meaning skyscrapers in the capital cities especially, or blocs of new buildings with tens of floors, and in some rural areas, hectares of plantations for crops aimed for export, which were absent one decade or so ago, on one hand. Many factors have contributed to such development: increase of commodities’ prices, globalization with easier flows of direct foreign investments across the world, among others. The signs have made many to say of Africa as emerging. However, there are cases of extreme poverty where conditions of living have widely diminished compared to what they were two or three decades ago on the other hand. The visible signs are delusional because the majority of the present African wealth is in the hands of foreigners. Inspired by the Zimbabwean model of indigenization, former…

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